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Avid Pro Tools | S6 M40 Modular Control Surface

The result of professional user feedback, the Avid S6 M40 is a highly scalable and configurable modular control surface with unique master touch screen control and extensive visual feedback that gives you unprecedented control of Pro Tools without ever leaving your sweet spot    

While the Digidesign ICON was a milestone in its day for hands-on control of Pro Tools software, over the years as workflow, production values, and budgets changed to accommodate the current state of the industry, the ICON presented shortcomings that professionals needed to have addressed. Some of the issues were the wide center section putting faders out of reach, the inability to configure multi-user systems for video post, limited visual feedback (a sea of green LEDs), and ineffective metering. Another request was in regard to the relatively poor feel of the faders and mushroom-top rotary encoders. The Avid S6 not only addresses all these (and more) user issues and requests, starting with great-feeling precision faders and knobs, it goes far beyond in its ability to streamline workflow and accommodate not just the physical needs of engineers and production facilities, but the shrinking budgets that currently plague our industry. Here is just a partial view of what the remarkable S6 can do for you:

Avid S6 Modular Control Surface - Just the Facts:

  • M40 large-format control surface offers up to 64 faders and 9 knobs per channel
  • Cost-conscious modular design lets you custom-configure the control surface with only the modules you need   

  • Scalability lets you build a mid- to large-format console that can grow to accommodate your needs

  • Powerful, intelligent touchscreen control and user-driven, ergonomically advanced layout lets you mix effectively at high speed  

  • Distinct, differentiating visual feedback for all console functions, comprehensive metering, and variable-speed scrolling waveforms
  • Edit audio clips directly from the surface channels
  • Seamless bi-directional integration with Pro Tools software
  • Control up to 8 DAWs simultaneously side by side on the surface - even from across your facility, save and recall up to 256 custom surface layouts  
  • Control EUCON-enabled DAWs, including Logic Pro, Cubase, and Nuendo
  • Reconfigure the surface easily via Ethernet network 

  • VCA Spill and Plug-in Expand mode spreads controls conveniently across the surface


S6 M40 Master Module and large-format frame

The Avid Pro Tools | S6 M40 is the large-format version of the S6 modular control surface, designed for large-scale productions that require maximum faders and channels, high-resolution metering, and customizability. With the S6 M40 and frame, you can build a control surface with one Master Touch Module and up to 46 total modules, including 64 faders and 9 knobs per channel (plus two additional for Expand Zones (see below). It also supports the Display Modules, which provide extensive metering, including variable-speed scrolling wave forms that can be edited from the control surface. The M40 lets you start small and build up to a large-format system that can control up to eight simultaneous workstations. Best of all, you can access all mix functions without ever leaving the sweet spot if you so desire.  


S6 Automation Module

Included in all pre-configured systems, the Automation Module is optional when commissioning a custom S6 M40-based surface. It features a full transport control section (including a shuttle/jog wheel), focus fader, automation control, color shortcut displays and switches, a numeric keypad, and more for writing automation and navigating projects. (See, you want one already.)

Cost-conscious modular design and scalability

The S6 is a forward-thinking control surface that not only addresses the creative needs of working professionals ergonomically, but also due to diminishing recording budgets, offered the most-bang-for-the-buck, paying for itself in significantly less time than competing systems. Perhaps the most elegant means to tip the scales on the price/performance barrier, beyond a highly accelerated and efficient workflow, rests in the user-configurable modular design of the S6. It not only gives you the ability to add 8-channel fader modules up to a 64-fader system, but other channel modules as well, plus the flexibility of placing them in a custom configuration. S6. Modules can be added to the frame in any amount and order your wish, building a system comprising just what you need to get the job done.

The S6 enables you to configure channel strips both horizontally and vertically, with one to nine rotary encoders. For example, you can have a process module just above the faders on the left side of the center section for easy access to processing functions and panning; and two knob modules just above the faders to the right of the Master Module, giving you access to EQ and dynamics without even having to lean forward, or leave your sweet spot. You can always reconfigure the modules you have as workflow changes, rather than have to reinvest, plus you can add modules as your business grows. With an M40 Master Touch Module, you can control up to 46 modules.


An S6 system can include the following channel modules:

Master Module - touchscreen and physical controls to select, mute, solo, record enable, input select, and edit track functions   

Automation Module - includes Transport Controls, Jog/Shuttle Wheel, Attention Track Fader, and other controls.

Knob Module - eight strips with four knob sections with displays

Process Module - each of its eight strips has one knob section with a display, and multiple function switches

Fader Module - 8 motorized faders, meter, mute, solo, automation and other switches, an Attention key, and a display

Display Module - displays metering, editable waveforms, and other functions, can also be configured as Master Meter Modules

Master Joystick Module - two touch-sensitive joysticks, a central pan display, dedicated panning mode switches, and other displays and controls

Master Post Module - provides monitor and punch paddles like a traditional PEC/DIR panel, along with other track controls, monitoring section, and bank of soft keys


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