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Steven Slate Audio Raven Core Station Overview

The Slate Digital Raven MTI2 CORE STATION Kit packages two RAVEN MTI2 control surfaces alongside the CORE STATION, which is a console-like modular frame for RAVEN users.

Steven Slate Audio CORE Station Desk Furniture for RAVEN MTi2 Ecosystem

The Slate Digital CORE Station is designed to provide stylish, ergonomic, and modular housing for RAVEN MTi2 control surfaces. It displays the control touchscreens in a way that makes day-to-day audio tasks easier and expeditious for professional audio engineers. The CORE Station accommodates one or two RAVENs, so you have the option to double up on Slate Digital's technology for more screen real estate and fader manipulation when you need it.

You'll also note the cutout on the right-hand side, which is sized for the Slate Control Analog Monitor Controller, available separately. A blank panel is included that slides into the cutout should you wish to forego the controller. Styled in a black satin finish with silver side panels, the CORE Station ships with included hardware and instructions for assembly.

The CORE Station is constructed (by you) from particle board, MDF, dibond, and metal hardware. Please note that the Core Station is furniture only and the RAVEN MTi and the Slate Control are available separately.

UPC: 850007980061


Steven Slate Audio Raven MTI2 27" Multitouch Production Console with 3.0 Control Software & Revitalizer Spray

The Slate Digital RAVEN MTI2 marries the tactile control of yesterday’s mixing consoles with the convenience of today’s tablet technology. With the RAVEN, nevermore do you have to rely on your mouse for controlling your DAW. Instead, the RAVEN provides a tablet-like control-surface where you can raise and lower faders, facilitate touch-control over plug-ins, operate all the buttons of a traditional transport, and more.

The MTI2 represents the current iteration of RAVEN technology, putting it all in a 27” screen that supports 10-point multitouch, gestural control. The screen sits on an included stand that is angle-adjustable. With the MTI2, you can control many faders at once, manipulate pans and sends, and set up recording sessions quickly and efficiently.

The latter function achieves its expediency by means of the Batch Command System, which can execute a whole series of key commands with the press of one virtual button. By default, hundreds of presets are included for most major DAWs. However, you can program your own custom commands yourself, housing up to 1000 key commands and mouse clicks automatically.

The RAVEN MTI2 interfaces with most computers and most DAWs, though for a list of general compatibilities, please see the specification section. Connections can be made to your computer by means of a standard HDMI cable (available separately) and a USB 2.0 connection. An iLok 2 dongle—also available separately—is required for operating the Raven. Slate's Revitalizer spray is included with this product, so you can keep the surface of the touchscreen feeling like new. 


Key Features at a Glance

  • 27″ multitouch display 
  • HD resolution of 1920 x 1080
  • Backlit, energy-efficient LED 
  • 10-touch display allows various multitouch features like fader control 
  • Instant integration with most major DAWs
  • Hands-on control of all your DAWs parameters 
  • Acts as your computer’s main touch-capable display
  • Flexible and user-customizable multifunction toolbar
  • Easy compatibility using a standard HDMI cable and a USB 2.0 connection


RAVEN 3.6 Control Software

RAVEN 3.6 provides multitouch virtual faders that allow precise control of your DAW's faders. By integrating multitouch 100mm virtual faders directly into each DAW, you now have control over mix levels and automation over more than one track at a time. The RAVEN 3.6 algorithm offers a naturalistic control over your faders—control that is both comfortable and fun to use. A FINE FADER mode is on hand, which can quadruple the resolution of the faders to facilitate especially miniscule moves.



RAVEN 3.6 Control software now carries a technology called GESTURES, which facilitates classic, multitouch gestures to control important elements of your DAW. Opening and closing plug-ins, muting and unmuting tracks, zooming in and out—all of this and more can be accomplished with familiar gestures.



In Toolbar mode, your DAW controls are more accessible, laid out right in front of you. You'll notice the Transport control, Edit/Mix window selector, and other convenient tools for tracking, such as Record Looping, Click, Create Group, and Undo. Use intuitive multitouch gestures on the RAVEN NAVPAD to perform Scrub/Shuttle, Waveform Zoom, Track Zoom, Track Banking, and RAVEN Batch Commands. Because the RAVEN Toolbar is virtual, it's user-customizable, so you can put the controls you want where you want them.


Batch Command System

The Batch Command System is a series of preset and customizable buttons that can execute up to 1000 key commands and mouse clicks automatically. With just one button, the Batch Command System allows you to create instant headphone sends, name tracks, put entire drum tracks on the grid, export stems, and more. The Batch Command System comes preprogrammed with 100 preset batch commands in every supported DAW, with layouts for Music, Mastering, Post Production and more. Record your own mouse-click automation or program user commands with QUICKLIST, which features hundreds of predefined DAW operations. Just touch and hold on a Batch Command button to edit, and you'll have access to almost limitless possibilities.



Slate Remote

Slate Remote expands your workflow to your iOS-compatible. Slate Remote is a free app for iOS users and available at the app store to anyone with a RAVEN. Slate Remote automatically synchronizes with your RAVEN session via Wi-Fi and gives you access to your custom Batch Commands, allowing it to remotely perform time-saving tasks for you from the palm of your hand.

Steven Slate Audio RAVEN MTI2 CORE STATION Console & Touch Screen Kit (2 RAVEN M

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